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Everyone who buys on Aliexpress knows how many stores are there in this marketplace. Sometimes you have to spend a lot of time to find a seller with good reviews and quality products. So I decided to help you and create a list of Top brands and trusted sellers in each category on Aliexpress.
On this page you will find the Top Brands and trusted sellers in the kids Smartphones category on Aliexpress.

Also take a look at Aliexpress trusted sellers in Home & Garden category.

SellerOpen (years)Positive feedbackWeb page
D-PHONE Online Store198.2%To store
Cubot497.4%To store
Doogee Official Store296.8%To store
LEAGOO Official Store298.0%To store
BASEUS OfficialFlagship Store598.0%To store
ESVNE Global Store197.4%To store
HICUTE Official Store198.2%To store
H&A Official Store396.4%To store
GLOMEVE 3C199.8%To store
BLACKVIEW Official197.7%To store
BlackviewOnline Store0.597.9%To store
BLACKVIEW Global Store297.1%To store
Jayphone Store296.1%To store
Lenovo Official Store198.8%To store
OUKITEL Authorized Store297.5%To store
StoreOUKITEL Official Store297.5%To store
Better Cellphone495.4%To store
Vernee Official Store397.1%To store
KingTop198.3%To store
SERVO395.7%To store
V-Phone Store395.4%To store
W Retail197.7%To store
PZOZ 3C297.6%To store
TOTU Official Store297.2%To store
LINGCHEN198.3%To store
HOCO398.5%To store
ZNP396.6%To store
USAMS397.8%To store
Tomkas797.8%To store
ORICO-Easy Your Life398.6%To store
XLevel398.0%To store
Ugreen999.1%To store
FLOVEME Official Flagship Store798.4%To store
KISSCASE Official Store697.2%To store
USAMS Direct Store298.0%To store
LUPHIE Official Store197.3%To store
Mofi Prime Store198.6%To store
KeyOne Store195.2%To store
Xiaomi MC Store298.9%To store
Hong Kong Goldway898.8%To store
Mi Global Store298.3%To store
Xiaomi Online Store398.7%To store
Xiaomi Dreami Authorised Store398.2%To store
Xiaomi Mi Homes Store398.1%To store
Mi France Store898.2%To store
TopCool Store195.6%To store
Asus Global Store497.5%To store
HOMTOM Factory Store397.9%To store
ULEFONE Official Store0.599.1%To store
Ulefone FlashDeal Store198.1%To store
AI Future Store199.5%To store
Shenzhen Xinghecheng Technology Limited697.3%To store
Asus Official Store297.3%To store
AGM Rugged Mobile Phone Official Store299.1%To store
Hongkong willvast Store398.6%To store
UMIDIGI Online Store0.599.6%To store
VIVO Global Store198.2%To store
Wisetech Online Store497.0%To store
D-PHONE Online Store198.2%To store
ETEAM Store0.598.5%To store
UNIWA Mobile Store194.9%To store
OMG store697.1%To store
Sunnrise Industrial Co Ltd.996.1%To store
Mellivora Communication Store0.5100.0%To store
Global TopBrands Shopping Center Store199.2%To store