Mens shoes top stores on Aliexpress

There are a lot of stores on Aliexpress, how can you find a reliable one among them? To make your life easier and save time, I’ve made lists of trusted sellers and Top Brands in each category.
This page contains a list of the best stores in the mens shoes category. I also recommend that you take a look at the men’s clothing and men’s bags category.

SellerOpen (years)Positive feedbackWeb page
HECRAFTED handmade shoes7100.0%To store
PIERGITAR797.0%To store
Cie10100.0%To store
SURGUT698.2%To store
DEKABR696.7%To store
BIMUDUIYU595.3%To store
SUROM397.5%To store
LINGGE4100.0%To store
OPP696.6%To store
VMUKSAN781.3%To store
OSCO497.5%To store
Aokang696.7%To store
Felix Chu496.8%To store
VIKEDUO4100.0%To store
ROXDIA796.5%To store
YWEEN996.8%To store
REETENE596.2%To store
HIHANN4100.0%To store
Jackshibo Official498.0%To store
I FASHIONABLE797.5%To store
Misalwa Footwear Store398.0%To store
damyuan Official196.2%To store
UPUPER397.0%To store
Mynde Official296.8%To store
BAOLUMA Official296.8%To store
JINTOHO Official695.6%To store


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