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In this section, you will find a list of all the AliExpress Top Brands and trusted sellers in Health, Beauty & Hair categories. Some of them have status of Top Brands, the other part does not have this status, but has a long working period, a high enough rating and a large number of products sold.

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health & beauty aliexpress top brands and trusted sellers

SellerOpen (years)Positive feedbackWeb pageComment
Anmor Speciality Store298.6%To storeMakeup
Athene LQ Store394.9%To storeSkin Care
BANXEER Official Store397.5%To storeMakeup
Brainbow597.8%To storeNails, Face, Skin Care, Hair
CoCute795.2%To storeMakeup
Cofoe Official Store597.7%To storeHealth
DearHealth295.8%To storeHealth
Deciniee Official296.9%To storeNails, Skin Care, Eyelashes
DIY Nails Shop Store495.5%To storeNails
Docolor Beautys Store398.1%To storeMakeup
Elite99 Official Store493.7%To storeNails
Focallure797.1%To storeMakeup
Full Beauty Official795.5%To storeNails
GDCOCO Official Store397.9%To storeNails
Genielash Official Store998.1%To storeEyelashes
GLADAY498.7%To storeHair
HealthDirect Store296.4%To storeHealth, Massage
HEMEIEL Cosmetic196.8%To storeSkin Care
HLX Store696.2%To storeNails, Face, Skin Care, Hair
IMAGIC496.4%To storeMakeup
Jessup beautys Store599.4%To storeMakeup
Jiji Nail Art Products596.9%To storeNails
jinkairui499.2%To storeHealth, Massage
KADS Official Store898.1%To storeNails
Kisslover Store395.3%To storeMakeup
LaGuerir Store298.1%To storeHealth
LEHUAMAO497.8%To storeEyelashes
LKE OfficialFlagship Store396.3%To storeNails
LocRoyalCosmetics Store797.7%To storeHair Care, Skin Care
LoeRoyal BeautyMall394.6%To storeSkin Care, Makeup
MeiYanQiong Official698.2%To storeSkin Care
MENOW1095.1%To storeMakeup
MF nail art store298.1%To storeNails
Misscheering796.6%To storeNails
MISSLAMODE698.6%To storeEyelashes
MO Nail Art Store395.4%To storeNails
Nail MAD598.8%To storeNails
Nail's Manicure Tool396.5%To storeNails
O.TWO.O Official397.8%To storeMakeup
OEDO697.5%To storeSkin Care
Pujiang Qiaoqiao Crystal Ltd.597.9%To storeNails
ROHWXY Officia196.9%To storeNails
Rosalind Beauty Shop796.4%To storeNails
RUOKEY HEALTHY1096.5%To storeHealth, Masage
SACE LADY494.2%To storeMakeup
SOPURE Online Store694.6%To storeSkin Care
SWL Beautiful Makeup296.4%To storeMakeup
The Atlantic Shopping Mall596.1%To storeSkin Care, Makeup, Nails
TopCare297.5%To storeHealth, Massage
Tracy Nail art & Make Up Beauty1095.6%To storeNails
UCANBE Official396.4%To storeMakeup
V6 Nail Art Store498.1%To storeNails
VENALISA Official798.2%To storeNails
YOSYO Official Store496.9%To storeHealth

hair top brands

SellerOpen (years)Positive feedbackWeb page
Gossip798.4%To store
Alishes Factory Outlet592.6%To store
Silky Strands696.3%To store
MRSHAIR1095.9%To store
LUXURIOUS Official Store694.9%To store
UEENLY Official Store296.7%To store
Ariel Official591.0%To store
Allove Hair Factory695.6%To store
Luvin Official1094.4%To store
I's a wig official store696.7%To store
Mifil Hair Factory295.4%To store
Ali Annabelle597.7%To store
HJ WEAVE BEAUTY893.0%To store
ALI GRACE797.5%To store
NAFUN Official291.5%To store
ishow hair696.7%To store
mshere Official796.9%To store
west kiss Official595.4%To store