Top Brands and trusted sellers in Shoes category

Updated: August 1, 2019

Here you can find the trusted sellers and Top Brands in Shoes category on AliExpress site.

We have selected the best of the best, based on reviews, ratings and the number of successful deals (positive feedback), and our preferences.

NOTE: We have divided sellers into 3 tables – Women’s shoes, Men’s shoes and Kid’s shoes – to make it more comfortable for you to work with information.

Women’s shoes

StoreOpen (years)Positive feedbackWeb page
BASSIRIANA598.2%To store
Aokang497.7%To store
MORAZORA596.2%To store
HEEGRAND Fancyheels595.5%To store
MUYANG MIE MIE598.2%To store
Gdgydh697.9%To store
Asumer896.9%To store
Wetkiss496.4%To store
Donna-in398.7%To store
YALNN397.6%To store
DHenlu698.6%To store
Jane&Troides2100.0%To store
BeauToday298.8%To store
MoonMeek497.1%To store
Tastabo398.8%To store
GOGC399.1%To store
Cangma2100.0%To store
Craylorvans496.2%To store
Fujin697.6%To store
Pasoataques (home slippers)4100.0%To store
KarinLuna896.6%To store
DorisFanny394.3%To store
VALLU498.8%To store
Ekoak597.2%To store
DoraTasia Official 896.7%To store
PP Sales196.0%To store
Universe Official296.7%To store
REAVE CAT Officia797.1%To store
ERNESTNM milphen197.2%To store
YUYAN HAPPY HOUR 100% 697.2%To store
BYQDY197.2%To store
Alice's Cosy Life698.0%To store
SHUANGHUIYAN AIMEIGAO Official298.1%To store
FEDONAS Official297.7%To store
SOPHITINA Official 298.7%To store
BONJOMARISA Official 695.3%To store
StoreKrazing Pot398.4%To store
GENSHUO Official697.0%To store
GLENMEARL Quality597.7%To store
HIHANN 397.9%To store

Men’s shoes

StoreOpen (years)Positive feedbackWeb page
Cangma2100.0%To store
XPER397.4%To store
HECRAFTED handmade shoes597.1%To store
PIERGITAR699.2%To store
Cie998.9%To store
Serene394.9%To store
SURGUT498.1%To store
DEKABR597.2%To store
BIMUDUIYU496.6%To store
SUROM296.2%To store
MeiJiaNa298.6%To store
OPP5100.0%To store
VMUKSAN598.9%To store
OSCO397.2%To store
BASSIRIANA597.9%To store
Aokang497.7%To store
Felix Chu396.8%To store
VIKEDUO398.2%To store
ROXDIA596.9%To store
YWEEN897.2%To store
HIHANN 397.9%To store
merkmak Footwear Store296.0%To store
Jackshibo Official 398.1%To store
I FASHIONABLE696.7%To store
Misalwa Footwear Store296.6%To store
damyuan Official0.595.5%To store
UPUPER297.8%To store
Mynde Official197.4%To store
BAOLUMA Official 197.6%To store
JINTOHO Official597.2%To store
Sports online flagship store797.6%To store

Kid’s shoes

StoreOpen (years)Positive feedbackWeb page
SITAQI Official2100.0%To store
Uovo Official499.2%To store
Cozulma Official597.8%To store
ULKNN Official696.7%To store
Babaya Factory498.7%To store
APAKOWA Official498.8%To store
MHYONS shengyue002397.9%To store
AAdct Official398.2%To store
Minikidhouse397.8%To store
Dongguan Babytree Garment Co.,Ltd 696.7%To store
ARTICULO Authority 899.6%To store
Bona Children's Store298.3%To store
Tipsietoes Official499.2%To store
ShoesBox Children296.9%To store
My baby's shoe496.6%To store
Irides Princess297.2%To store
M.MNUN Official299.0%To store
ULKNN Official 696.7%To store
KALUPAO298.7%To store
VK BABY295.7%To store

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