Phones and accessories

Updated: July 26, 2019

Aliexpress Top Brands and trusted sellers in a Phones and Accossories category.

Buying a phone and accessories to it is a very important deal. Below you will find a list of recommended stores. All of them have good rating and a lot of followers and buyers.

We have made a list based on data such as rating, duration of work on Aliexpress and percentage of good reviews.

StoreOpen (years)Positive feedbackWeb page
Cubot497.4%To store
DOOGEE296.8%To store
LEAGOO Official298.0%To store
BASEUS OfficialFlagship Store598.0%To store
ESVNE Global Store197.4%To store
HICUTE 198.2%To store
H&A 396.4%To store
BLACKVIEW Official197.7%To store
Jayphone296.1%To store
Lenovo Official 198.8%To store
OUKITEL Authorized Store297.5%To store
Better Cellphone495.4%To store
Vernee Official Store397.1%To store
KingTop198.3%To store
SERVO 395.7%To store
V-Phone Store395.4%To store
W Retail 197.7%To store
PZOZ 3C297.6%To store
TOTU 297.2%To store
LINGCHEN198.3%To store
HOCO398.5%To store
ZNP 396.6%To store
USAMS397.8%To store
Tomkas 797.8%To store
ORICO-Easy Your Life398.6%To store
XLevel 398.0%To store
Ugreen 999.1%To store
FLOVEME Official Flagship Store798.4%To store
KISSCASE 697.2%To store
USAMS Direct Store298.0%To store
LUPHIE197.3%To store
KeyOne Store195.2%To store
Hong Kong Goldway898.8%To store
Mi Global Store298.3%To store
Xiaomi Online Store398.7%To store
TopCool Store195.6%To store
HOMTOM Factory Store397.9%To store
Ulefone FlashDeal Store198.1%To store
BlackviewOnline Store0.597.9%To store
BLACKVIEW Global Store297.1%To store
OUKITEL Official Store297.5%To store
Xiaomi Dreami Authorised Store398.2%To store
Xiaomi Mi Homes Store398.1%To store
Mi France Store898.2%To store
ULEFONE Official0.599.1%To store
AI Future Store199.5%To store
Shenzhen Xinghecheng Technology Limited697.3%To store
Asus Official 297.3%To store
AGM Rugged Mobile Phone Official299.1%To store
Hongkong willvast398.6%To store
UMIDIGI Online0.599.6%To store
VIVO Global 198.2%To store
Wisetech Online 497.0%To store
D-PHONE Online198.2%To store
ETEAM0.598.5%To store
UNIWA Mobile194.9%To store
OMG697.1%To store
Sunnrise Industrial Co Ltd.996.1%To store
Mellivora Communication0.5100.0%To store
Global TopBrands Shopping Center199.2%To store

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