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Updated: 28 July, 2019

Here you can find all the trusted sellers and top brands in Health, Beauty and Hair category on AliExpress site.

We have selected the best of the best, based on reviews, ratings and the number of successful deals.

NOTE: We have divided sellers into 2 tables to make it more comfortable for you to work with information. Table with the trusted sellers and Top Brands in the Hair & Wigs category follows the table “Beauty and Health”

Beauty & Health Category

StoreOpen (years)Positive feedbackNoteWeb page
MO Nail Art297.2%NailsTo store
Elite99 Official Store297.0%NailsTo store
KADS Official Store898.5%NailsTo store
Arsty Store498.5%Nails, Hair Care, Skin Care tools, ToothTo store
Rosalind Beauty Shop598.3%Nails, Makeup, Skin CareTo store
Fashion Queen Accessory Co.598.3%NailsTo store
Family Health498.6%HealthTo store
OPER Official Store696.9%HealthTo store
HLX Store597.5%Nails, Skin Care, Makeup, Hair CareTo store
Brainbow Oficial Store498.8%Nails, Skin Care, Makeup, Hair CareTo store
GLADAY Official Store398.6%Hair CareTo store
LocRoyalCosmetics Store696.5%Hair Care, Skin Care, MakeupTo store
Anmor Speciality Store0.599.3%MakeupTo store
JAF Official Store698.5%Makeup BrushesTo store
Docolor Beautys Store298.9%MakeupTo store
Jessup beautys Store499.6%MakeupTo store
Genielash Official Store898.8%EyelashesTo store
Focallure698.2%MakeupTo store
IMAGIC397.3%MakeupTo store
OEDO595.7%Skin CareTo store
YUNIFANG599.8%Skin CareTo store
CoCute696.1%MakeupTo store
MENOW896.5%MakeupTo store
Finger Angel Do Your Designs899.7%NailsTo store
Countonme197.2%NailsTo store
Pujiang Qiaoqiao Crystal Ltd.398.7%NailsTo store
ROHWXY Officia0.598.2%NailsTo store
GDCOCO Official Store298.3%NailsTo store
Tracy Nail art & Make Up Beauty897.4%NailsTo store
Full Beauty Official 697.4%NailsTo store
VENALISA Official598.9%NailsTo store
LKE OfficialFlagship Store298.2%NailsTo store
BELLE FILLE Official297.3%NailsTo store
DIY Nails Shop Store297.5%NailsTo store
Nail's Manicure Tool 297.4%NailsTo store
Nail MAD398.9%NailsTo store
MF nail art store198.2%NailsTo store
V6 Nail Art Store398.8%NailsTo store
Jiji Nail Art Products497.2%NailsTo store
A-NAIL Charmed nails Store298.3%NailsTo store
BANXEER Official Store298.5%MakeupTo store
DOSMOTH Official498.8%EyelashesTo store
Qyyue Store198.2%EyelashesTo store
SWL Beautiful Makeup 197.9%MakeupTo store
MISSLAMODE Official598.7%EyelashesTo store
LEHUAMAO Official Store298.1%EyelashesTo store
SACE LADY 397.3%MakeupTo store
Deciniee Official197.3%Nails, Skin Care, EyelashesTo store
O.TWO.O Official298.1%MakeupTo store
DYSILK198.1%EyelashesTo store
Kisslover297.4%MakeupTo store
UCANBE Official197.3%MakeupTo store
Rainbow Abby197.7%Skin CareTo store
HEMEIEL Cosmetic198.2%Skin CareTo store
Athene LQ Store296.9%Skin CareTo store
LANBENA Official197.5%Skin CareTo store
The Atlantic Shopping Mall497.4%Skin CareTo store
SkinCare Store197.6%Skin CareTo store
LoeRoyal BeautyMall 297.4%Skin Care, MakeupTo store
HANAJIRUSHI Official 0.599.4%Skin CareTo store
MeiYanQiong Official596.9%Skin CareTo store
SOPURE Online 598.7%Skin CareTo store
BEAUTEOUSW 295.5%Skin CareTo store
BaLaLa698.1%Skin CareTo store
MABOX Official196.0%Skin CareTo store
LaGuerir Store198.3%HealthTo store
Healthy Life399.3%HealthTo store
YOSYO Official Store397.0%HealthTo store
Cofoe Official Store498.1%HealthTo store
DearHealth 197.7%HealthTo store
RUOKEY HEALTHY998.2%HealthTo store
TopCare197.7%HealthTo store
Viperson Store898.9%HealthTo store
Caicai store497.4%HealthTo store
HealthDirect Store196.9%HealthTo store

Hair Extensions & Wigs

SellerOpen (years)Positive feedbackWeb page
Gossip595.9%To store
Alishes Factory Outlet 496.6%To store
Silky Strands497.8%To store
MRSHAIR896.7%To store
LUXURIOUS Official Store596.3%To store
UEENLY Official Store196.9%To store
Ariel Official496.2%To store
Allove Hair Factory597.0%To store
Luvin Official894.4%To store
I's a wig official store598.4%To store
Mifil Hair Factory196.9%To store
Ali Annabelle Official 497.8%To store
HJ WEAVE BEAUTY 795.2%To store
ALI GRACE697.9%To store
hot beauty hair895.9%To store
NAFUN Official197.1%To store
ishow hair597.2%To store
mshere Official695.9%To store
west kiss Official497.6%To store

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