20 best goods under $5

20 best goods under $5 on aliexpress.com

As you know, quite often we do not know what we want to buy ourselves. Purchases have long ceased to be a necessity. In our time to buy something means to cheer yourself up, relax and forget about business, choosing another funny thing. Therefore, we decided to do for you a selection of the most interesting, useful and at the same time cheap goods from Aliexpress. Read our article  “20 best goods under $5 from AliExpress” and enjoy shopping!

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Please note that prices were taken into account at the time of writing the article and could be exchanged.


Lightweight waterproof foldable backpack aliexpress

1. Waterproof foldable backpack

Mini flexible octopus tripod + bluetooth remite shutter aliexpress

2. Mini flexible tripod + bluetooth remote

Mini bluetooth speaker aliexpress

3. Portable mini bluetooth speaker 6 colors

Crystal Jewelry Set aliexpress

4. Crystal Jewelry Set

Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod aliexpress

5. Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod

Mini electric curling iron aliexpess

6. Mini electric curling iron













Smart Bluetooth GPS Tracker aliexpress

7. Smart Bluetooth GPS Tracker

Underwear Organizer aliexpress

8. Multi-size Underwear Organizer

Nose Rhinitis and Sinusitis Cure Therapy Machine aliexpress

9. Nose Rhinitis and Sinusitis Cure Therapy

Portable Oral Irrigator aliexpress

10. Portable Oral Irrigator


Touch Screen Pen Stylus aliexpress

11. 2 in 1 Thin Touch Screen Pen / Stylus

Universal Tablet Holder for Smartphone, iPad, Tablet PC 13*10*2.5cm aliexpress

12. Universal Tablet Holder

Portable Waterproof MP3 Player aliexpress

13. Portable Waterproof MP3 Player

USB Flash Drive 16GB aliexpress

14. USB Flash Drive 16GB

Motorcycle Face Shield Mask aliexpress

15. Motorcycle Face Shield Mask Balaclava

Portable Power Bank aliexpress

16. 2000mah Portable Power Bank

Wireless Gaming Mouse Aliexpress

17. Wireless Gaming Mouse

Micro SD Card Holder aliexpress

18. Silver Micro SD Card Holder

USB Lamp For Laptop aliexpress

19. Flexible USB Lamp For Laptop

Auto Window Cleaner aliexpress

20. Microfiber Auto Window Cleaner

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